About Us

Loving Heart Multi-Service Centre (Jurong) was officially opened 4th December 2004 by Mr Lim Boon Heng,
Former Minister, Prime Minister Office (2001 – 2011), Former MP for Jurong GRC.

Our ongoing services annd programmes includes: 

  • Pupils’ Breakfast Scheme
  • Sports, Tuition and Mentoring Programme (S.T.A.M.P)
  • Case Management
  • Food Gift Programme
  • Free Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Clinic
  • Free Tuition Programme
  • Community Exercises
  • Medical Escort and Transport

Having grown and expanded our programmes and services to reach a wider community in Jurong.
The centre was renamed Loving Heart Multi-Service Centre (Jurong) in 2012 to reflect the expansion of our service boundary.
We undertake various school-based and social projects, as well as collaborate with partners to better serve the community


To serve the residents and less-privileged students to the best of our abilities, through programmes and activities, with professionalism in promoting social and multi-racial community bonding.



The two vibrant orange strokes embracing a heart protectively depicts the role of Loving Heart in providing school-based and community- based services for the needy students and elderlies in the community.
The soft- edged heart within the strokes symbolizes the vulnerability and fragility of the disadvantaged and the needy. The three little heart s represent the heartfelt feelings and joy of the community.
Bright orange and red colors emulates sunshine, light and warmth.

Legal Status, Membership and Affiliation

Loving Heart Multi-Service Centre (Jurong) was registered with the Registrar of Societies (ROS- 0163/2004 WEL) w.e.f. 07 July 2004.
Loving Heart Multi-Service Centre (Jurong) is a Member of National Council of Social Services (NCSS) – ref NM/0424/100620051527.
Loving Heart Multi-Service Centre (Jurong) was granted NCSS Charitable status – CF/0424/18092006104729.
IPC Registration No: 001833 / IPC 000036. It was renewed on 1 November 2017 and will be valid till 31 October 2020.